Welcome to the Westlake Elementary PFA's website. Be sure to browse through the various pages of the site, everything from flyers for upcoming PFA events  to volunteer sign up info is posted here. We will be updating the site frequently so remember to check back regularly for new information!

If you are looking for the official Westlake Elementary School website, please visit www.conejousd.org/wle

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PFA Board Nominations for 2020-21 



Angela Foll

Erika Gross



Hillary Sheffer


VP/ Direct Donation and Membership

Jaclyn Santiago

Carolyn Cherrie


Recording Secretary

Kelly Cannan


Corresponding Secretary

Megan Morbitzer

Jennifer Mosley



Brooke Lieberman



Stacey Brewster


Accounts Receivable

Christina Privette


School Site Council

Richard Fields


Volunteer Coordinators

Ashley Stapleton

Ali Weikel

Liz Cahill



Dear Westlake Elementary Parents and Children,

We hope you are all safe and well during this tumultuous time in all of our lives.  We are once again presented with unforeseen challenges and we want to provide our support to all of you during this time.  Even though our school is temporarily closed, we want to encourage that our sense of community remain strong and together as a cohesive unit.  Please use our Facebook page to connect, share resources, and offer encouragement to everyone.  We will continue to provide updates as we receive them and while we are not able to answer all of your questions, please reach out to us for any support you need along this rocky road.  Our office hours are open!  Give your children and extended family extra kisses, extra attention, and extra love during this time.  That is what they need most.

Keeping all of our WLE families in our hearts,

Blythe & Angela




WLE Coloring Page

Put one in your window at home for a sense of community! 

Click here for PDF





WLE Water Bottles & Sandwich Bags on sale now!

Water Bottle: 24oz. aluminum with screw lid & carabineer


Click Here to Purchase Water Bottles



Sandwich Bags: 100% cotton, 7X7 with sturdy velcro closure, hand wash or cold machine wash


Click Here to Purchase Sandwich Bags






We Do Not Fundraise!

Each year, our goal is to raise $115,000 through our Direct Donation Program. If families at Westlake Elementary continue to participate we can ensure that our art, music, physical education, library and computer programs are maintained WITHOUT ANY FUNDRAISING!!!

Our Westlake Elementary PFA asks each family to contribute $325 per student ($275 Direct Donation + $50 Technology Donation). This comes out to $1.52 per school day. Any donation amount is most welcome and appreciated. Thank you for making a difference for our children!

For additional information, please visit the Direct Donation page under fundraising.

Click Here to Donate!




Introducing our new parent-run program to educate students (+ the community) on the environment, recycling & sustainability!

First Up...WASTE-FREE Wednesday LUNCHES


WHAT: Every Wednesday students are asked to eliminate lunch waste (what you bring to school, you take home to throw out or recycle). ITEMS TO AVOID: Plastic baggies, paper napkins, plastic utensils, aluminum foil, plastic wrap, juice boxes, plastic water bottles, individually wrapped snacks...just to name a few.


WHY: If we reduce lunch waste, we protect the environment, conserve energy & natural resources, reduce landfill space, AND reduce the waste WLE generates, which helps keep our school clean– inside & out!


HOW: Families are encouraged to use reusable containers instead of single-use plastic baggies, put juice in thermoses instead of packing juice boxes, send apple slices if the student won't eat the whole apple, etc.


WHEN: EVERY Wednesday


Questions, Comments, Get Involved: wlegreenteam@gmail.com

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